All Saints Church, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Situated within the Galle Fort, which was declared as a "WORLD HERITAGE SITE" in 1988 by UNESCO

Laying of the Foundation Stone for the All Saints Church, Galle Fort
and Consecration Service
The project to build All Saints Church, Galle Fort, was initiated by the first Bishop of Colombo, Rt. Rev. James Chapman (D.D. 1845-1861).

"Friday the 30th October was a gala day for us in Galle", so reads a report. "For on Friday 30th October 1868, the foundation of the new church, to be called 'All Saints', was laid by Rev. Piers Calverley Claughton, Second Bishop of Colombo.
Rt. Rev. Piers Calveley Claughton

Rt. Rev. Piers Calverley Claughton
(8 June 1814 11 August 1884)
Second Bishop of Colombo (D.D. 1862-1871)

He was born the son of Thomas Claughton (M.P. for Newton, Lancashire, 1818-25) at Haydock Lodge, Winwick, Lancashire and was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he graduated B. A. in 1835, and M.A. in 1838.
After ordination in 1838 he was made rector of Elton, Huntingdonshire from 1842 to 1843 and again from 1845 to 1859, before becoming the first Bishop of St Helena (18591861) and a subsequent translation to the see of Colombo (18621871).
On his return to England he served as Archdeacon of London and a canon of St Paul's from 1870 to 1884 and was appointed Chaplain-General of Her Majesty's Forces in 1875.
He died in 1884 in Maida Vale, London. A memorial tablet to his memory was placed in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral, London in 1885.

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"This historical event took place at half past four in the evening. The Bishop, preceded by the Trustees, Messers J.E. Churchill, Donald Jansz, Capt. Wilson, followed by the Rev. Dr. G.J. Schrader, the Rev. Dr. P. Mark, and Rev. F.D. Edirisinghe were on the ground well on time. Ministers of other denominations participated were Rev. Lark, Rev. Nicholsom, Rev. Greaves and Rev. Hope of the CMS.

"A large gathering were present though the prevailing climes were unfavourable. The ceremony commenced by the hymn conducted by Mr. Anthonisz followed by a form of prayer which added lustre to the occasion".

The Bishop addressing those convened at this historical event, which infused a new lease of life to the anglican community in Galle, said though there were differences of opinion, and severe objections to this undertaking itself he was thankful, before his departure to England, to have taken this opportunity of laying the foundation stone. For it always appeared to us somewhat derogating to our Church that in this important place visited by so many of our countrymen and strangers from all parts of the world that we should have a place of worship of our own instead of depending on the courtesy and kindness of Christians of another community. Bishop also paid his gratitude for that courtesy and the kindness of the denomination and for the opportunity extended. He also tributed Governor H. Robinson and for the liberal grant of 600 pounds and the site on which the Church was to be erected.
The Rev. Dr. Schrader also spoke on this same event paying tribute to Bishop Chapman, First Bishop of Colombo, during whose episcopate this project was initiated. He also said that apart from the Governor's grant, a contribution of 1,000 pounds was expected to come from an English parish.

He concluded that they all looked forward to the privilege of worshipping in the House of Prayer which was to be built on the foundation that was laid and that he was glad to see such a large gathering present which indicated the interest of the community over the project.

Consecration Service

All Saints Church was consecrated on 21st February 1871, by the Second Bishop of Colombo, Rev. Piers Calverley Claughton. Clergy who assisted Bishop Claughton at the ceremony were the Rev. Dr. G.J. Schrader, Rev. Beven, Rev. Alcock and Rev. Marks.

The Bishop preached on the text Revelations xxi:22

It has been recorded in the register that 480 civil and 45 military personnel were present at the service and that the day's collection amounted to 105 pounds, 10 shillings and 4 pence.

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