All Saints Church, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Situated within the Galle Fort, which was declared as a "WORLD HERITAGE SITE" in 1988 by UNESCO

Origin and Growth of the Anglican Church in Galle
The first CMS Missionaries landed in Galle in 1818. The ministry to the Garrison in Galle, which was already there when the missionaries arrived, was performed by the Colonial Chaplains. In the absence of an Anglican Church the Chaplain used the Dutch Reformed Church where he had service twice a month. It is said that in 1921 the missionaries at Baddegama undertook, in the absence of the Government Chaplain, to perform the duties of the Garrison and continued to do so till June 1823 when they were relieved by the arrival of Rev. Norman Garstin. Until 1871 the services were held in the Dutch Reformed Church.

The earliest reference to the All Saints Church records thus. "First Proceedings at a general meeting of members of the Church of England at Galle was held at the Queen's House on Tuesday 16th December 1862 to consider the desirability of erecting a Church at the Fort of Galle. This meeting was convened with the Lord Bishop of Colombo having opened the meeting".

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